Sean Lissemore and Stevie Johnson on IR

As we all know, Stevie Johnson suffered a meniscus injury a few weeks ago in training camp, which resulted in a surgery being needed and has been placed on IR. Sean Lissemore has been very static with second-and-third team practices, has also been placed on IR. So, rather than being cut a few weeks back, now he sits on IR taking up $1.75 million in cap space.

With Sean Lissemore out, it looks to be time for Ryan Carrethers to take over and show what he can do.

Stevie Johnson expected to miss 2016 season

Stevie Johnson was the favorite to be the Chargers’ 3rd receiver on the depth chart, but will have to be put on hold for at least a season. After suffering a meniscus tear in training camp a couple of weeks ago, the future was hazy for Johnson as he awaited surgery. Surgery was a success, but not knowing the fate until today when reported by Ian Rapoport.

With this being the case we look forward at the position. We have Keenan Allen at an obvious number 1. Number 2 could be Travis Benjamin or newly added, James Jones. Wide receiver 3 is bound to be fan favorite, Tyrell Willams. The Chargers did sign WR Rico Richardson, who appeared in 6 games with the Tennessee Titans over the last two seasons. It should be something to watch over the course of the next couple of weeks at Chargers Park.

Chargers Fan Fest 2016

The Chargers hosted Fan Fest yesterday and the turn out was insane; a reported 18,000 people showed, for a practice at Qualcomm Stadium to see how the 2016 Chargers roster looks.

Fans started standing in line to wait about 3o minutes to get inside and once inside you head to your seats to watch the games begin. For about the first hour there was special teams drills and the Charger Girls showing off their moves for the first time this year. After that hour it was followed by each position getting into their own lines and working out followed by the 7-on-7 drills. All of these lacked a bit of tempo and didn’t really feel like the players wanted to be there. Scariest part was Keenan Allen leaving early due to injury, which is reported now that he’s doing well.

The QB drills showed that Philip Rivers is still the savior, Zack Mettenberger shouldn’t be an NFL QB and Mike Bercovici looked like he knew what he was doing in the huddle.

As far as wide recievers go, Tyrell Williams is the truth, James Jones looked like James Jones, minus the hoodie and Dontrelle Inman and Jevonte Herdon might be looking to get the boot.

Denzel Perryman still isn’t dressing out for the ILB’s, but Jatavis Brown looks to be doing well taking the first-team snaps. Joshua Perry looked to prove himself a lot more taking snaps with the 2s AND 3s; seems like he’ll fit in well with the Special Teams for a Rookie.

James Jones embracing San Diego

James Jones is taking nothing for granted after his last hiatus from the NFL. He didn’t expect it to take as long as it did for somebody to pick up the phone and give him a call, but it did; he will not be taking one step for granted. When the Chargers’ gave him a call he knew they knew they were taking a chance. Just turning 32 in March, most teams see that as a red flag, he sees it as opportunity.

“But they always put that age in there, man,” Jones said. “You can’t ever fight age. I’m here to show that I still got it. I’m glad I got the opportunity to keep playing. … I feel great. On some routes, I feel 32. On some routes, I feel 22. You know what I mean? It just depends on the day.”

With Stevie Johnson out and the spot for 3rd receiver still up in the air, he still has a lot of chance to prove himself. At the rate he played last year, he may be taking snaps away from Travis Benjamin in the 2nd position. But with Philip Rivers throwing to him, who knows what can actually happen. He still serves as a major Red Zone threat, pulling in 8 touchdowns for the Green Bay Packers last season; 51 over the course of his 9 year career. Some would argue, at 31, last season being his best season in the league. Having said 8 touchdowns, but 891 yards to go with that and only 1 fumble.

James Jones is not the one to take something for granted. The man spent majority of his childhood homeless and just searching for hope.

“I was homeless when I grew up for the first 15 years of my life,” Jones said. “My mom and I lived in homeless shelters, cars, motels, all that good stuff. A very humble upbringing, so every day I come out here, and I’ve just got a smile on my face. No matter how the day may look, I’ve seen worse.”


James Jones signed; Still no talks with Joey Bosa

After the Stevie Johnson injury, there were a few names on the list to try to fill up the gap. There was an internal battle between Dontrelle Inman and Tyrell Williams, but after yesterday, the question seemed to be answered; James Jones was signed.

The hoodie is coming back to California, but not to the Raiders this time! Although, the hoodie has been banned, so that won’t be there… as far as price tag, the info hasn’t come out yet, but it is bound to be a good chunk.

As for the Joey Bosa front, as of Tuesday, August 2nd there have been no talks with the DE. Teammates like King Dunlap and veteran Corey Liuget call him out stating he’s “missing valuable time” and “should be out there.” It didn’t seem good to worry there for a while, but now flags are starting to raise and wave frantically. As more information on this front comes out, I will update.

Training Camp Notes 8/1/2016

Day 3 of training camp, but the first day off full-pad practice. Still no sign of Joey Bosa and Stevie Johnson has a torn meniscus! Lets continue


We’ll get this kicked off with the offense. When the team ran 3-wide, Tyrell Williams got the start in place of injured, Stevie Johnson. As everyone expected, it seems Dontrelle Inman will be 4th on the depth chart. Williams really stood out today when he made a sideline catch for a big gain. Williams and Keenan Allen had close to the same amount of reps towards the end of practice, that should be noted. No notes on Travis Benjamin, aside from being the one-of-two to return a punt (other being Keenan Allen). Zach Mettenberger and Kellen Clemens looked absolutely terrible today. They had a game where they would throw the ball through the goal post into a net, but neither of them could connect; Philip Rivers and Mike Bercovici tied. I thought I’d leave it for last, but Melvin Gordon had a not-so-good practice. Again. He got stood straight up by a stationary object and was not very efficient in the pass rush drills. We’ll see if this can be corrected as practice goes along.


Kyle Emmanuel got majority of reps over Jeremiah Attaochu when the team ran two tight end sets and it stayed like that almost the entire practice. Brandon Mebane was able to blow through whoever lined up against him, aside from Joe Barksdale who was fantastic. Probably just a little tweak, but out of a snap in the individual drills, Barksdale was favoring his left knee, not limping but putting his hand on it. May have just been his sock, but worth to watch out for. Dexter McCoil had a good outing with Adrian McDonald when McCoil got a strip, while McDonald recovered the fumble. Brandon Flowers has been quiet all camp, but stood out when covering Keenan Allen today with a good break up on a pass.

This will be my only story with notes from the practice live, but will try to gather things from Twitter and other sources as camp continues. If you have any other questions about players, please ask!



Injury Update: Stevie Johnson torn meniscus

At Friday’s camp, wide receiver Stevie Johnson was involved in a non-contact injury which resulted in him leaving early. Grabbing for the knee was early sign of possible ACL/MCL injury. The news is out and it is a torn meniscus; will need surgery, time out is TBA.

Possible fill-ins for the wide receiver 3 position will be between Tyrell Williams and Dontrelle Inman. After watching practice today, it really looks like Tyrell Williams is out in front for that third slot.