Melvin Gordon reaching out to Adrian Peterson for guidance

Melvin Gordon had a less than ideal rookie season. Rushed the ball 184 times last season, accounting for only 641 yards. The low-light stat for those 184 rushes is him fumbling the ball 5 times (6 in total). How does one fix this? Try harder in training and at camp? Well. Melvin reached out to a person he looked up to when he was growing up; Adrian Peterson.

Adrian Peterson is a star and everyone knows his name for the accolades he’s achieved, but those accolades didn’t come easy. Peterson also had a fumbling problem, a bad fumbling problem. Having 19 fumbles in his first 3 seasons looked like a huge red flag for the Vikings’ first round pick. But after that 3rd season, he got to work with a pretty good mentor in James Cooper. In the following 4 seasons, he only accounted for 8 fumbles.

With that being said about Adrian Peterson, it looks like Melvin Gordon might be in good hands with reaching out to one of the people he looks up to the most. It seems to be, that everyone is pretty optimistic for the upcoming season with newly drafted players in Joey Bosa and Co. And with the way that Gordon has been training in this off-season, people should be hyped about him, too.

Is Philip Rivers underrated?

San Diego has been in the limelight this past week, as it always should be – not just for players that get heat or the city itself falling apart, but for a team that gives its heart every night they play in front of their home crowd.

Not talking about the San Diego Padres’ here, we’re talking about the San Diego Chargers. Despite last season ending on a very low, very disappointing record of 4-12, they still gave the city their all. All the talks of where they may-or-may-not be in the future lingering over the players, staff and fans heads, the players still gave everything – especially our own, Philip Rivers.

Philip is a special kind of player. Not only is he the cleanest talking quarterback in the league, has one of the goofiest throwing motions and has a knack for making all the wrong faces, at the right times, he gives everything. All home games for him and the team seemed like an away game. Not having a healthy receiving core and no real help in the backfield, the numbers he put up were tremendous. Last year, he was around 200 yards shy of surpassing 5,00 yards; he had 4,792. Just think, with his best receiver in Keenan Allen down very early in the season and the rest of his receivers, old or brand new to the team, he was the man last year. The only problem with this is, he wasn’t acknowledged pretty much at all.

Philip, last season had, some of the best stats in his career despite the lack of depth. He had 661 attempts but completed 437 of those. Had 29 passing touchdowns, with only thirteen interceptions. Call me biased, call me not. I feel as if Philip Rivers doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

Week 11 Injury Report: Chargers/Raiders


Everyone take that sweet breath of relief, Ryan Mathews will finally be back in action, it seems. If that being the case, we may see the carries split with Brandon Oliver, but it’s always best to have the power of Mathews back.

After suffering a foot injury in week 3 again Buffalo, Manti Te’o may make his return this week against the Raiders as well. Along with Jeremiah Attaochu(yay pass rush!), Dwight Freeney and Rich Ohrnberger.

Jason Verrett and Sean Lissemore were not able to practice at all this week with Verrett already being ruled as OUT and Lissemore being listed as doubtful.

Jahleel Addae was a full participant for Thursday and Friday, but listed as questionable.


  • RB Ryan Mathews
  • ILB Manti Te’o
  • OLB Jeremiah Attaochu
  • OLB Dwight Freeney
  • C/OG Rich Ohrnberger


  • SS Jahleel Addae


  • Sean Lissemore


  • CB Jason Verrett

Ask for the Raiders, they may be without Justin Tuck, Carlos Rogers and Gabe Jackson on Sunday as they all haven’t practiced all week long.

Brandons Starters – Week 10


Hello all, this week in Fantasy Football was a wild one. There was a nail biter in the league with my girlfriend and in my neighborhood league I played a pretty stout roster.. thankfully his studs were on byes. Well, shall we continue?


First off, in my Neighborhood League I was playing a neighbor that we will call Tim. I had gave him some advice the night before Sunday to pick up Andre Williams because he had Arian Foster on a bye(phew) and it seemed to work out for him; got him 9.80. To start the day off Drew Brees started off by shooting himself in the foot. Twice. But he started to pick it up getting me a solid 25. DeMarco did well, getting another 100 yards, but the Steelers(Le’Veon and Antonio) were just bombing. Antonio fumbling twice, after going into the game with not one on the season. Was weird, for sure. Overall it came out to a pretty solid win, a good 20 point win. Moved to 7-3 with the 2nd best record in the League, Next week I play somebody who has Mr. Hot Hands Rodgers at QB.


In the league with my girlfriend I played the person with the second best record(behind me, of course) and it was a fun one. He picked up a kicked, but didn’t swap him in time. It’s not like it mattered, Andy Dalton and Mohamed Sanu killed me on Thursday with a terrible performance from the Ginger. I was down about a point going into Monday Night Football with Greg Olsen left to play and I figured I knew I was set, but with how Carolina played tonight I’m glad I didn’t somehow get negative from him, too. Moved past him to improve my record to a clean 9-0 and I play a 2-9 team next week and I’m pretty sure they’ve given up, fun. But they do have DeMarco Murray, Megatron and Jordy Nelson. Sp we’ll have to see.

Hope you enjoyed my adventure this week and I’ll be back with you next Tuesday!

Chargers Claim DE Damion Square; Release S Adrian Phillips


The Chargers are trying to make some improvements to their defensive line, adding 6-2, 293-pounder, Damion Square. Releasing S Adrian Philips to make the room for this move.

Square who entered the league as an undrafted free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013. He appeared in 10 games as a rookie, recording four tackles and one pass defensed. The Eagles cutting him and Kansas City swooping in to pick him up, they cut him October 31st. Also worth noting; Square starred at Alabama from 2009-2013 where he was teammates D.J. Fluker.

Brandons Starters – Week 7


Hello all, I apologize for being absent for a few weeks from this series. My plan is to get this out again every Tuesday after the official results have been cleared and I plan to stick with that.

As for recent weeks I shall update you on what’s happened with my teams:

In my neighborhood league I have gone 2-2 since the last time I’ve updated you. Losing a close one and then losing to somebody that was 0-3, so that’s a thing.

As for my league with my girlfriend, I’m at a perfect 5-0. Not much to complain about there, except last weekend when I had beat her.. I tried giving her advice on who to play and it was bad.. That was my fault.

Anyway, lets get to this week, shall we?


This week in my neighborhood league I am playing my Uncle who has a perfect 6-0 record and his roster is STACKED. Andrew Luck, Demaryius Thomas, Randall Cobb and so on. On Sunday I had only 2 players going in the early games whilst he had 7. At that point he was beating me 78.30-23.50 and by the end of Sunday it was 85.50-133.96. Going into Monday I had Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown going. I knew they’d get points, but I didn’t think they’d get close. They got pretty close. From Bell breaking 100-yards from scrimmage, again and Brown throwin’ touchdowns. I am now 4-3.


In the league with my girlfriend I’m playing a guy that has seemed to give up. Leaving two players in the starting positions that are on a bye.. So it seems to be that should have been an easy win, right? Yeah, you’re right. This game was pretty boring from the start. Had all of my players go Sunday and they’re what scored me the 70(obviously). I’m hoping next week should be a bit better.

Current Rosters:


  • Drew Brees
  • DeMarco Murray
  • Le’Veon Bell
  • Antonio Brown
  • Mohamed Sanu
  • Jason Witten
  • Andre Ellington
  • Stephen Gostkowski
  • Carolina Panthers

Girlfriend League:

  • Philip Rivers
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Branden Oliver
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Mohamed Sanu
  • Greg Olsen
  • Frank Gore
  • Adam Vinatieri
  • Buffalo Bills

With all of this being said I’m trying to get up and going in my Neighborhood League again and trying to stay undefeated in my Girlfriends League. I plan on making a roster change or two, will update in next weeks post.

Charles and the Chiefs run over the Chargers 23-20

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers


The Chiefs coming into the Q after their bye to take on the injury-ridden San Diego Chargers. This Sundays loss taught a lot about our rival, the Chiefs, that they aren’t a force to be taken too lightly and it also taught us some things about the Chargers’ that you think anybody would know. That something being that injuries are a very bad thing and can make a contender into what seems to be a pretender at this point.

Nothing but faith left for this Chargers’ team, but that’s exactly what it is, faith. Without that faith these Chargers’ would have not made it to the 5-2 they’re at currently and without faith they will certainly fall to the Denver Broncos this upcoming Thursday.

Playing 3 games in the time-span of 11 days is a bit hard. A lot harder when two of those teams(Raiders and Chiefs) were coming freshly off a bye and another negative is having a short week leading into Denver.. lead by none other than the NOW all-time leader in Touchdowns thrown. But there is a silver lining to this. At least he won’t break the record against the Chargers.

Watching Sunday shows that the Chargers’ were not ready for a great running back like Jamaal Charles. Hell, they weren’t even ready for Darren McFadden. Allowing Charles to run for 95 yards(4.3 AVG) and a touchdown in which he was leveled by Brandon Flowers(hurt on that same play, go figure). Jamaal Charles looked great on Sunday. Speaking of running backs, the kid Branden Oliver didn’t look too bad, either. Running for 67 yards(4.5 AVG) with two receptions for 11 yards made him seem like he is the real deal and that should make everyone exhale.

Don’t want to leave it on this note, but it is expected that Jason Verrett will not play Thursday against Denver and that means it will be a rough time. Especially if Brandon Flowers can’t get cleared.

Hopefully our San Diego Chargers’ aren’t all out of miracles yet. They need this one.